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A three-year old child in a wheelchair was in the process of being adopted by his foster parents. In order to complete the process an ADA-compliant ramp was required to get the child in and out of the house. For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay paid for supplies and a volunteer carpenter built the ramp.

A pair of siblings had never been allowed to attend school nor had they been taught at home. Once the children were in foster care, For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay worked with various educational agencies to pay for tutoring after school and through an entire summer. The children were eager to learn and were able to be placed at grade level with continued tutoring support.


An 11 year-old lives with her family whose income is near poverty level.  She requires glasses to read, but is extremely self conscious about wearing them around her friends and classmates and “forgets” to bring them to school.  For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay was asked to assist with an additional pair that her teacher could keep for her at school. The optometrist discounted his fees for the exam and glasses and this student’s ability to learn at school was greatly enhanced.

An 18 year-old girl was unceremoniously “emancipated” from her home.   She found work, was struggling to complete high school and had been hitchhiking as no other form of transportation was available to her.  For Kids Foundation Monterey Bay paid for a two month bus pass until she could save enough to purchase one on her own.

A 10-year old child with autism needed a root canal. There are no pediatric root canal specialists in our area who will accept Medi-Cal. The child needed to be under anesthesia and had to travel to Visalia for the treatment. The parents requested an overnight stay at a hotel to alleviate some of their anxiety. (Under homeless program, single parent)

A family with newborn has one car which the father must use for work. The request was for a stroller so the mother can walk to the market and do other errands.

A 19-year old relied on her vehicle for transportation to work at a camp in a rural area. Her car needed repairs. With the partnership of a donor recommended by Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, the repair bill was paid and she was able to continue her employment.

A first grade teacher contacted us because one of her students was coming to class with worn out clothing and shoes that were ripped and not even the correct size. The amount requested was small in comparison to how this young person reacted with some new clothing and shoes.

An 18-year old young man was trying to move away from gang life and needed clothing to accomplish this transition. The amount of funding provided clothing appropriate for him and may have helped changed his life.

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